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Delivering web, non-web, or mobile applications for customers or employees involves multiple layers. Users can access the applications, starting with an array of browsers, mobile devices, traversing the internet, mobile or corporate WAN. Any performance problems can affect brand, revenue, conversion rate, user-response, & customer satisfaction.

Sify InfinitAnalytics Service portfolio helps organizations optimize the performance of business critical applications & infrastructure. This service provides reporting to business teams and technical teams using a single interface, enabling an alignment of business & IT objectives.

The severity & business impact of individual issues will be analyzed by conducting a deep dive diagnostics to locate the fault and finally take steps to resolve.

  • Web-based online reporting – real & instant status
  • Pay as you Use model
  • Single reporting interface to business & technical operations teams - historical event reporting, alarms for ensuring the infrastructure is up and running

Components of InfinitAnalytics

Server Health Analytics

Server Health Analytics provides an online web-based server health, performance, & availability reporting for InfinitCloud & Collocated customers at Sify DC- Mumbai & Bangalore DC.

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OS, DB & App Analytics

Online web based OS, DB, Middleware, and App Performance, availability reporting for InfinitCloud and Collocated customers in Sify DC (Mumbai & Bangalore)

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End User Experience Analytics

Online application performance analytics on the production environment, as an end user experiences for the InfinitCloud & customers collocated in Sify DC - Mumbai / Bangalore.

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