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The performance and availability of applications also depends on the underlying operating systems, the database, and servers on which it resides. Sify’s OS, DB & App Analytics provides system administrators & business executives with comprehensive set of tools to monitor and report the availability and performance of applications, databases and the operating systems.

This service provides unified , single interface, online web-based reporting of the key metrics of applications, operating systems, & databases. The service provides real-time notifications, historical reports,  high-level business views, enabling customer's management to effectively control on IT infrastructure.

This service is available for the customers Hosted on Sify’s Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure or Collocated at Mumbai and Bangalore Datacenters OS, DB & Application Analytics.


Title Description
Gartner Magic Quadrant Service built with Compuware Gomez - a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for application performance monitoring
Online reporting Online – 24 X 7 real time reporting
Business Value Views Provides management facing reporting which helps management align IT & business initiatives
Unified Reporting Single reporting interface for your application, operating system, database and the server health, enabling quick identification of the issues
Standard or Custom reports Standard or custom reports for simplifying proactive monitoring of the server health and performance
Applications and platforms supported
  • APP’s - SAP, J2EE, Web logic, Web sphere, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, IIS
  • DB’s - Oracle, DB2, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server
  • OS’s - Solaris, Windows. Linux & AIX.
Alerts / Notifications Alerts & notifications for proactive problem detection before it impacts the users

Plans & Packages

Sify's Server OS,DB & App Analytics service, offers 24 X 7 online reporting of Key metrics of Operating systems, Database and Application performance, along with alerts, Historical reports & High Level Business Views of the Applications, DB and the Operating systems on which it is deployed. The service is offered for the customers hosted in Airoli and Bangalore DC, either on InfinitCloud or Collocated at the datacenters

Sr No Plan Deliverables
1 Operating systems Provides reporting for 10 preselected metrics for the Operating systems
2 Database Provides reporting for 10 preselected metrics for the Database Performance
3 Application Provides reporting for 10 preselected metrics for the Application performance.
4 Custom Reports Provides Custom reporting for Key metrics on the Operating systems, Database and the Applications.

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Compuware Gomez – Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant.


Detailed Descriptions

Server OS, DB & App monitoring service offers 24 X 7 Online performances reporting of your Operating systems, Databases and Applications respectively. The service provides a Unified view of your Application, Database and the Operating system performance, enabling you to quickly locate the fault and optimize your application performance. It enables Key metrics of OS, DB & App, Notifications / Alarms, Historical reports & High level Business views enabling your system administrators and Business Executives to ensure the applications are running smoothly and proactively resolve the problem, before they impact.

Below are the Salient features

  • High Level Business Views
  • Web based Reporting enabling you to view your Server Performance from anywhere.
  • Single solution for your Application, multiple servers, OS or DB
  • Custom reports or Standard reports for simplifying Proactive monitoring
  • Alerts and notifications to help resolve the problems at an earlier stage

The metrics which are monitored are as below

Operating Systems

1. OS
2. CPU
3. Disk
4. Memory

1. Availability Monitoring
2. Performance Monitoring

1. CPU Utilization - Top 10 Processes for high consuming CPU
2. Memory Utilization - Top 10 Processes for high consuming Memory
3. Processor Queue Length
4. Average Disk Queue Length
5. Disk Space Utilization - For each Drive in the Server.
6. Disk space occupied by a specific File (say Log file) and its growth over time
7. Service Availability
8. Process Availability
9. Virtual Memory Utilization - Which process is Top Most consumer

Database Monitoring 1. Oracle
2. MS SQL Server
3. DB2
4. Sybase
1. Monitor Health Parameters
2. Monitor Availability
3. Monitor Performance Metrics
1. Top CPU Consuming DB Queries
2. Top Time Consuming DB Queries
3. Sort Space Usage and Performance
4. Table space Usage and performance
5. Database Concurrency and Performance
6. Segment/Extent usage and growth
7. Data file Size and Growth
8. and many more metrics to measure
Web and Application Server Monitoring

1. Web Logic
2. Web sphere
3. Apache
4. Tomcat
5. IIS
6. JBoss
7. SAP J2EE Server
8. Oracle App Server
9. Sun One

1. Availability Monitoring
2. Performance Monitoring
3. Events, Alarms

1. Top Pages by User Access.
2. ASP/Servlet Container Runtime Performance
3. App Server Networking Performance,
4. App Server Connection Pool Usage and Availability for JDBC,
5. App Server JMS and EJB Runtime Usage, Performance
6. JTA Transaction Performance
7. JMX and WMI Performance and Availability Counters and many more metrics to measure

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