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InfinitCompute offers virtualized or dedicated compute infrastructure with high scalability, public/private access, performance accelerators, and self controlled environment, on a utility pay model. This standardized platform offers choice of virtualized or physical instances, multiple operating systems, and the degree of redundancy required to meet your specific business needs.

InfinitCompute combines the processes of a best-in-class technology and can be deployed in single or multi-site architecture with high availability configuration option. The configurations are pre-engineered, proven, cost-effective, and scalable, which accelerates the time it takes your business to get up and running.

Virtual Private Instance

Compute instances with a customizable configuration for multi-tier application deployment on a fully virtuliased environment.

Virtual Private Instances from Sify

  • Customizable compute instances for multi tier architecture
  • On demand and ubiquitous
  • Scalable and elastic
  • Pay as per need

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Managed Dedicated Server

Dedicated server on a monthly subscription model with standard configurations with redundant FC connectivity.

Managed Dedicated Server from Sify

  • Best of Breed High performance configurable servers
  • Greater reliability and security
  • Data Security – Firewall and IPS
  • System health Management and reporting

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Virtual Private Instance (HA-DR)

High available compute instances at two of geographical distant Sify's Data Centers for disaster recovery of mission critical applications

Sify's Virtual Private Instance (HA-DR)

  • On Demand elastic DC- DR site
  • Real time replication and ready automated DR
  • Improve Recovery success rate with planned DR drills and data integrity checks
  • High Uptime

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