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Disaster Protection Services on Cloud (DRaaS)

Disaster readiness and Business Continuity has attained paramount attention of businesses today for a sheer reason that any business today has IT dependency and any disturbance or non availability of this integral core business component will jeopardize the functioning and existence of the business. 

Accessibility, availability and integrity of data  is a need of an hour of businesses no matter the size of the organization.  It is now imperative for IT heads / CIOs to make a policy decision to ensure Business continues without disturbance in any given situation of disaster . Organizations need to prepare themselves to  remain on toes to counter any eventuality or unplanned events of Disaster may it be due to ‘Act of God’ like floods, earthquake, etc. or manmade like business sabotage , mischief or erroneous data deletion.

What Analysts say :

"43% of companies experiencing disasters never re-open, and 29% close within two years," McGladrey and Pullen.

"40% of all companies that experience a major disaster will go out of business if they cannot gain access to their data within 24 hours."Gartner

DR on cloud


Disaster Recovery

Key Features of this service:

Feature Description
Comprehensive coverage across physical and virtual setup Single solution for both Windows and Linux Servers as well as other infra. support
Continues Data Protection Technology Capable to deliver Near Zero RPO / RTO for mission critical workloads
Inbuilt WAN optimization and over the wire data  encryption Leading De-duplication technology
Offers huge saving on replication  bandwidth
Provides built in security for Data transfer on wire
Protection from Network outages 2 stage replication offers faster local replication as well process continuity during WAN outage
DR site on Sify Cloud platform 60% to 80 % saving on infrastructure due to  cloud scalability and pay-per-use model
Reduced number of Software licenses at DR site 90 % saving on Windows and Linux licenses at DR site
24 X 7 monitoring and reporting In depth reporting on DR health / RPO/ RTO and DR site readiness
Bundled DR Drill 2 DR drill bundled for year to ensure effective working DR with continual  readiness compliance
Ability to perform Non Disruptive DR drills Enables DR readiness checks without disrupting replication.
Converged Network for replication and  DR site access Ability to provide high capacity, low latency connectivity from customer locations as well as leading DC facilities
HP UX / IBM AIX/ Solaris setup support Ability to support Risk servers / Non-Cloud systems as well , on Private Cloud setup in Sify Data centers
Service Availability from different seismic zones. DRaaS Cloud setup operational from Mumbai and Bangalore. Noida will be added shortly.

Plans & Packages

Sify Disaster Protect Solution offers custom built, cost effective, timely Tested, comprehensive solutions for critical applications across hosting, infrastructure, operating systems, database, applications, network services & managed services, with recovery time objectives of below 04 Hours.

The solutions are offered on our Enterprise Cloud Platform or on a dedicated environment at our Tier III+ Datacenters in Mumbai and Bangalore DC.

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Detail Description

Sify Disaster Protect service offers a Custom built, Cost effective, timely Tested, comprehensive solutions for Critical applications with Custom RPO & RTO objectives in Sify DC at Mumbai and Bangalore.

The service is Custom built and integrated across the entire chain – Infrastructure, hosting, network, OS, DB, and Applications etc.

Service Deliverables

Sify’s Disaster Protect Solution enables setting up a Disaster Protect Infrastructure and negates financial impacts due to downtime, protects your critical data and improves the employee productivity, Sify works with the customers in devising a Disaster Protect plan with the detailed task list as below:

  • Project Management of different activities and tasks as notified in the Scope of the Project.
  • Setting up the Infrastructure on cloudinfinit / Dedicated environment for Hosting, Datacenter Network architecture, Security components
  • Establishing the User Access to the DR site in case of disaster, setting up the Connectivity layer for data replication
  • Setting up the Replication between the primary and the DR site servers along with the Customer IT team.
  • Working with the customer IT team to create a Transition plan in moving the seed Data from the primary site to the DR site,

The Ongoing support specific to Disaster Recovery Managed service would comprise of the below support.

DR documentation & DR Drill after implementation

  • Work with the customer IT Team to document the various activities associated with recovery of the systems.
  • Development of a Failover plan enlisting the steps / procedures to switch over services to the DR site in event of invocation of the disaster at Primary site, Also documentation of steps for restoring the services from the DR site to the primary site.
  • Assign responsibilities between Sify, Customer IT Team and any third party Vendor (if involved), for the Tasks and activities associated for invoking the DR.
  • Perform a DR drill after implementation to Test the Failover and Failback process, establish RPO, RTO & finalize the documentation.

24 X 7 Monitoring of Data replication:

  • Perform a 24 X 7 monitoring of the Data replication between the Primary and the DR site.
  • Connect with the Customer IT team, for any issues or errors noticed in the Data replication between the Primary & DR site
  • Work with the Customer IT team for transferring data to the DR site, in case of replication link failure.

Emergency support – Failover

  • Perform Tasks and activities as documented in the DR document, once the DR has been declared by the customer
  • Tasks related to the Failover includes
    • Bringing the server up
    • Mounting the correct version of the Database
    • Perform DNS changes & Network changes, if documented in the DR scope.
    • Assist the Customer IT Team for carrying out any changes in the application configuration,
    • Perform additional Tasks as mentioned in the DR documentation

Failback Support to Primary site:

  • Perform Tasks and activities as documented in the DR document, for migration to the primary site from the DR site.
  • Transfer the modified data as per customer requests to the primary site or provide the complete data in the Hard disk or Tapes to the Customer IT team, as per requests

Change Management & Service Requests:

  • Document a change management process for ensuring the changes done at the primary site on the OS & DB are replicated at the DR site.
  • Incident Management, Problem Management during DR and Non DR time
  • Service requests for any new installation , monitoring additional databases & appending DR Documentation

DR Drills:

  • Create a DR drill document defining the Process, procedures and roles / responsibilities between Sify and the customer team
  • Perform half yearly DR drills in association with the customer IT team as per the above plan

Remediation & Gap analysis:

  • Publish the gaps reported during each DR drill with the customer and devise an action plan for resolution for the gaps.

Helpdesk – 24 X 7

  • 24 X 7 Help desk for any emergency support related to DR failover. Engagement manager for the customer support.


  • Reporting to the customer for meeting their compliance needs, RPO, RTO dashboard, infrastructure reports, network reports



Difference between Native replication and Sify DraaS


Feature Native Replication Tool based Replication
Manual Dependency Dependency on manual efforts and expertise of people. Exposed to failure risks. DR Automation tool provides framework for assured recovery. Elimination of human errors in the solution.
Sequencing process flow Sequencing of  infrastructure recovery completely depends on manual skills and knowledge Sequence of recovery can be pre-defined for assured recovery of application along with consistent data
Non Disruptive Drill Not available .Disruptive Drill exposes to high risk of Business disruption. Available. Helps in  ensuring production environment is untouched for Drill and Replication is on while Drill is conducted.
UAT setup Not Possible. Possible. UAT environment can be created without disrupting replication.
Protection from Link failure No protection. Data loss happens &  Re-sync needed on link failure Local site protection .No data loss due to caching at DC side helps in protection from link failure. Automated Re-sync ensures no manual efforts.
Bandwidth Cost impact Additional cost -High bandwidth utilization, no optimization & Security for data on wire. Cost benefit-Compression, Encryption & WAN optimization helps in Data security on transit, lower bandwidth usage.
Licenses cost Additional Cost - Duplication of licensing cost and Compute for DR solution without utilization. Cost benefit - Saving on License cost and Compute for non DR time
Complete BCP solution Not a Business Continuity solution. Only backup of data at DR site, no protection to applications, configurations and setup. Complete Business Continuity Solution . 100 % readiness to run IT operations from DR site with consistent Applications, Databases and data.

To know more about our DR on cloud offering, please provide your contact details or email us at connect@cloudinfinit.com and we will connect with you shortly.

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