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Data Backup & Restore on Cloud

Sify’s Data Backup & Restore Service is a managed data backup, offsite vaulting, restoration, & data retention service. Hosted in Mumbai & Bangalore datacenter, this service is offered on a “Pay for Protection” model. This service enables in planning and executing recovery measures for any accidental loss of data, equipment or data corruptions with a consistent and reliable service.

With faster restoration of data and best-in-class features like granular restoration, image, or bare metal restore, all restoration process will be initiated within the agreed SLA from the time request is placed in Sify’s on our helpdesk.

Sify’s Data Backup & Restore Service protects, both physical and virtual environment and offers a host of customizable add on features such as 128 bit-data encryption, extended retention of data for compliance needs, choice of dedicated media & offsite vaulting services.


Title Description
Pay for Protection Utility-based service, charge based on the data transferred to the vault. This ensures huge savings in capital investments & operational expenses required for Data Protection
Simplify your Protection Single point of interface for protecting file systems, databases (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL) or systems across virtual or physical environment
Managed service With 24 x 7 monitoring and management support from backup experts, the service ensures data protection. Managed service also includes management of all hardware, software, storage media, provisioning, and reporting .
Complete Protection Complete protection of your information across virtual, dedicated environment with file systems, DB & Applications. Built with industry leading protection tool from Symantec – Netbackup

Plans & Packages

Sify’s Data Backup & Restore Service is a usage based service, where you are charged on the basis of raw data Transferred & Retrieved (in & out) from the fireproof vault. There are different plans available based on the data transferred in & out of the offsite vault, customer can choose any of the plans. If the actual data transferred exceeds the subscribed capacity, the accordingly additional usage charges are applicable.

There are no additional charges for any backup software agents for any database or applications on virtual or physical environment.

The plans and packages are as below

Data Transfer IN & OUT of Vault Data Protection – Policy
First 100 GB/Month Daily differential, weekly Full 07 days for daily differential with 14 days retention
From 100 GB onwards Custom reporting.

Add on options:

Additional Retention - Available from 01 month to 07 years of retention on tape media

Encrypted backup - 128 bit data encryption for backup.

2nd backup copy - one copy can be retained by the customer.

Dedicated Media - Where tape media is dedicated for the customer

The solutions are offered on our Enterprise Cloud Platform or on a dedicated environment at our Tier III+ Datacenters in Mumbai and Bangalore DC.

To know more about the prices, please click on “Have us call you” or email us at connect@cloudinfinit.com


Detail Description

Sify’s Data Backup & Restore Service is a managed data backup, offsite vaulting, restoration & data retention service for customers hosted in Mumbai & Bangalore DC on a “Pay as you Protect” model. The service offers protection against virtual or dedicated environments for individual files, file systems or databases and also system level protection.

Service Deliverables

  • Data Protection:
    • 24*7*365 service desk
    • Symantec Netbackup agent configuration on the virtual or dedicated servers. The Hypervisors presently supported are VMware and Hyper-V
    • Online Backup Agent for MS SQL, Oracle DB, DB2, Sybase, MySQL etc.
    • Backups for major applications – (SAP, Oracle ERP, MS Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft AD Server, Symantec Enterprise Vault etc).
    • A weekly backup cycle, with one weekly full and six daily differential Backups.
    • Retention period for full backup is 14 days and daily backup is 06 days. Retention period can be extended from 14 days to 07 years with additional subscriptions
    • Monthly reports comprising of daily & weekly Data Protected.
    • Weekly Tape movement of full backup to offsite location
    • Dedicated tapes with additional subscriptions – (Optional, Additional subscription)
    • 128-bit encrypted data backup with additional subscriptions.
    • Choice of l2nd copy of Data Backup with additional charges
  • Data restoration
    • Restoration of data from the backups done.
Restoration Process to be initiated within the agreed SLA time of restoration request through Email
Offsite Vaulting Process to be initiated within 24 hours of restoration request through Email

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