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End-to-End Security Services on Cloud

Sify's InfinitSecurity provides end-to-end security for infrastructure setup in cloudinfinit / hosted setup in Sify Data Center from perimeter (Virtualized Firewall/UTM) up to host level. The service offering includes wide range of security offering to detect and mitigate vulnerability across the environment. This solution shields applications from the growing number of application-layer attacks and prevents the loss of valuable corporate and customer data.

InfinitSecurity offers security services such as Firewall + IPS, DDOS, SSL, VA/PT, RSA 2 Factor authentication and Bundled security service of VA, PT, port Scanning etc. InfinitSecurity provides real-time security monitoring and management for significant cost savings in both capital expenditures and management costs.

Infinit Security Features – Firewall, SSL, VA/PT and DDoS Protection

Components of InfinitSecurity


Firewall service provides a zone based stateful firewall and IPS protection, based on carrier grade Unified Threat Management (UTM) infrastructure in high availability mode and Intrusion prevention system (IPS) providing protection.

  • Zone based stateful firewall and IPS protection
  • Carrier grade Unified Threat Management (UTM) infrastructure
  • Redundant high available infrastructure
  • Inspection of inbound and outbound data traffic flow
  • 25 to 100 customized policies per context

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FortKnox service is a package of managed security services provided to critical IT infrastructure of customer. A complete professional security service with predefined periodic activities not only ensures highest proactive security measures but also help in fulfilling stringent security compliance criteria of smooth business operations.

  • OS Hardening
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Patch Management
  • Automated scanning & manual assessment
  • Prioritization, evaluation, & reporting
  • Port scanning & detailed reporting

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DDoS Protection

DDoS services provide enterprise solution for a comprehensive threat management system that can detect, mitigate, and report on DDoS attacks.

  • Comprehensive threat management system
  • Reports & mitigates on DDos attacks
  • Monitors subscribed IP traffic information in gateway routers

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Highlights Description
Complete security coverage Comprehensive security services for IT Environment from perimeter level to host level
Cloud & hosted setup InfinitSecurity is available for cloudinfinit customers and Hosted customers in Sify’s data Center
One stop shop- Single window Single environment view for both identification and resolution of security events
Best of Breed Technology Mesh technologies from best of the technology vendors such as Fortinet, Arbor, CISCO, McAFee
Dedicated SOC Dedicated Security Operation Center to monitor the security threats
Expertise & Consultancy Experienced security professional manages the security & option security consultancy services
End to end Security End to end security control and management to protect your services
Cost effective Cost effectively provide a 24X7X365 service window for monitoring & managing security from Sify’s Security Operations Center (SOC)

Plans & Packages

InfinitSecurity offers

  • Virtual Firewall from single context to multiple contexts
  • SSL Certificates from single certificate to multiple certificates
  • DDoS Protection for 512 mbps to 500 mbps bandwidth
  • Two Factor Authentications from 5 users pack to 1000 users pack


Detailed Description

InfinitSecurity offers Impregnable security services such as Firewall+IPS, DDoS, SSL, VA/PT, RSA 2Factor Authentication and Bundled Security service of VA, PT, port Scanning etc.. .

InfinitSecurity provides real-time security monitoring and management for significant cost savings in both capital expenditures and management costs

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Availability Guarantee - The Availability Guarantee for Data Center Security Services is as follows

(a) For Data Center Security Service: Response Time and Resolution Time

Service Parameter SLA Attribute SLA Indicators Guarantee
IONI Portal Availability Guarantee IONI Web portal availability 24x7 24x7 on the web
Data Center Security Services Security Incident Notification Severity 1 Within 15 minutes of incident identification
Severity 2 Within 30 minutes of incident identification
Severity 3 Within 1 Hour of incident identification
Security Incident Response Time Severity 1 15 minutes
Severity 2 30 minutes
Severity 3 120 Minutes
Proactive System Monitoring 24x7 Real time – 24x7
Policy Change Request Acknowledgement Guarantee 24x7 Within 2 hours of request receipt
Policy Change Request Implementation Guarantee Severity 1
Severity 2 / 3
Within 8 hours of receipt
Within 24 hours of receipt

(b) For Data Center Security Service: Availability and Service Credit

Below Availability Guarantee and Service Outage credit applies to all the services covered under Sify Data Center Security Services. The availability guarantee will apply as specified for specific components.

Availability Guarantee Service Outage Duration (in Hours) in a month ODC Service Outage Credit
> 99.5% Less than 4 Hours No Credit
< 99.5% 4 – 8 Hours 5% of MRC
< 99.0% 8 – 15 Hours 10% of MRC
< 98.0% 15 – 22 Hours 15% of MRC
< 97.0% 22 – 24 Hours 20% of MRC
  For each subsequent 24 hour period thereafter 20% of MRC

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