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Storage Services on Cloud

Infinit Storage offers integrated, information-focused, storage infrastructure on flexible need based cost, with enterprise security and 99.9% availability guarantee. Reduce the complexities of deploying and managing multiple storage tiers, and lower operational costs by automating management with unified solutions for Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS).

  • Need based storage solution
    • Infinit Storage provides excellent alternative to the traditional on-site and dedicated storage systems. Need based subscription from 1 GB to multiple TB’s.
  • Information focused delivery
    • Combining the capabilities of SAN and NAS to increase data consolidation and storage utilization, the service also offers various availability options on storage system to meet specific application / business uptime requirements
    • Overcome business challenges like performance, scalability, availability, data security, and affordability while reducing cost and operational overheads.
  • Unified monitoring of storage environment
    • Industry standard management & monitoring tools deployed to report utilization, growth, and performance statistics on a periodic basis, assuring reliability, scalability, availability of the storage environment.
  • 24X7 professional management
    • Sify’s qualified, experienced storage professionals manage system on 24 X 7 basis.
    • Professional services to help customers with storage sizing, setup and implementation, and ongoing support for end-to-end services.

Components of Solution

Storage Area Network (SAN)

SAN provides unified, integrated, enterprise storage in a tier-based performance through ISCSI / FC channel. Delivered on a pay- per-use model, SAN offers high performance, security, and availability guarantee. SAN storage for most demanding ERP, OLTP applications with highest performance guarantee

  • Built on high performance SAS/ FC drives & high capacity SATA II drives
  • Driven through fully redundant high performance active-active storage controllers connected through fully redundant Storage Area Network
  • NAS storage for file system, VD environment; Dual Site SAN capacity with replication capabilities for 2 Site store
  • IP SAN for DR/Storage backup
  • VTL Backup; Storage for Archival needs

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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

The Network Attached Storage solution offers file level access through NFS / CIFS shares mounting to the Host through Storage Fabric connectivity. End-to-end redundant path shall be offered to match the assured high-availability.

  • Supported with Industry standard file system like CIFS / NFS
  • Option for provisioning from SAS / SATA drives in an assured transfer rate through Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Expandable ultimate pay-as-you-grow flexibility and ease-of-management for scaling out capacity needs
  • Economical Automatic policy-based data migration simplifies management
  • Support multiple snapshots with versioning for instant recovery

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2 Site Store

2SiteStore offers consistent data maintained at dispersed Sify Data Centers through storage based replication over a resilient network. This solution is best suited for dual site storage for data availability and replication purpose making an ideal choice for DR / BCP requirements.

  • 2 Sites Storage service availability with integrated network capacity provides extremely simple, reliable and cost economic data replication for DR / BCP purpose
  • The system is built to store data from heterogeneous environment (disparate servers, OS, and database)
  • Eliminates need for discreet storage systems
  • 2Sitestore ensures high data availability guarantee of up to 99.999%

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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Availability Guarantee: The Availability Guarantee for InfinitStorage is as follows:

(a) For Severity Level 1:

Availability Guarantee Service Outage Duration (in Hours) in a month InfinitStorage Service Outage Credit
> 99.95% Less than 0.30 Minutes No Credit
< 99.95% 30 Minutes – 1 Hour 5% of MRC
< 99.9% 1 – 4 Hours 10% of MRC
< 99.5% 4 – 8 Hours 15% of MRC
< 99.0% 8 – 15 Hours 15% of MRC
< 98.0% 15 – 22 Hours 15% of MRC
  For each subsequent 24 hour period thereafter 20% of MRC

(b) For Severity Level 2:

Performance Guarantee Performance Outage Duration (in Hours) in a month InfinitStorage Service Outage Credit
> 98.0% < 12 No Credit
< 96.0% 12 – 24 5% of MRC
  Above 24 hour 10% of MRC

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