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High Performance Tier of Storage:


High Performance Tier is an offering built on a Tiered Storage, with the right mix of Performance, Efficiency and Economics to the Enterprise Customers. The Tier is built using High Speed Flash disks and is designed for Applications with I/O Intensive workloads such as databases, Business analytics, Data Mining etc. 

The Service offering leverages Tiered Storage Volumes (High Capacity Flash storage, SAS & NL-SAS) as base and also advanced capabilities of High Capacity Flash Disks, such as inline compression which provides 4 times performance than any SSD disk. The Service offering allows to subscribe for volumes and attach to the infinitcompute Services (VPS, VPI or MDS), once attached, Customer can create file systems or run Databases of their choice.

Features Benefits
Blazing Performance Delivers faster access to data & accelerate the applications, as the service leverages a tiered storage with fully redundant Storage controllers on Fiber channel (FC) & High Performance Flash Storage, (which offers 4X Performance than any SSD Storage). The service delivers up to 20000 IOPS for the Storage subscriptions
Economics Cost per GB and Per IOPS is significantly lower as the Service leverages a Tiered Architecture with Higher Speed Disks and Lower Speed disks. Service automates migration of Highly active data on the High Performance flash tiers, while migrating the aging data on lower Speed disks
Efficiency Significantly lowers the deployment of number of disks, to achieve higher performance
On Demand Scalability Completely Scalable, start with a Volume as low as 100 GB and Scale up as and when required.
Different Tiers Choose different Tiers for different Applications / workloads. For Eg- web / App Tier can be from Enhanced Tier and DB Tier from High Performance Tier
Stringent SLA Assures up to 99.9% service level availability guarantee & 99.99% of Data reliability for Storage Area Network


Plans & Packages

High Performance Storage Tier plans start from minimum 100 GB subscription and additional Volumes can be subscribed with 25 GB increments. The Storage offering is completely Scalable, It allows you to scale your storage capacity as per your business needs instantaneously, without worrying about capacity constraints, technology refresh, and management skills sets, etc.

How it Works?

The High Performance Tier of SAN service is built leveraging below components

  • High Performance Flash Storage – High Performance Flash Storage is a custom designed SSD Storage Architecture built using Purpose- built processors with Mulitpathing, maximizing the performance, durability, Serviceability and density of flash for running Enterprise applications. The custom designed Architectures, ensures 4x Performance than any other SSD based architectures, lower response time thereby with an Ultra-fast Performance
  • Tiered Storage – Typically 80% of the data accesses requires 20% of the Storage, Dynamic Tiering automates movement of Data across different storage pools. Using ongoing embedded performance monitoring & periodic analysis, the most active data resides in the High Performance Flash tiers, while lower accessible data are moved to the Lower tiers. This brings in improving efficiciences, Cost optimizations.   
  • Enterprise Grade Storage – The High Performance Tier of Storage is built using Enterprise Grade Storage, which is scalable, Reliable & comes of 99.99% Data durability SLA.   
  • Storage Area Network – The Storage Area Network offers a fully redundant 8 Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity to the Host and Storage sub systems for high performance environment. The entire Storage Area Network is pre-built with high redundancy to provide the availability 99.95% for the Storage Area Network.


1. High Performance Flash disks versus SSD's


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