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NAS on Cloud

Sify's Network Attached Storage is an industry standard storage solution offering simple & faster on-demand storage provisioning / expansion on an end-to-end redundant path to match the assured high-availability.

With provisioning options from SAS/SATA, this solution drives in an assured transfer rate through GigaBit Ethernet connectivity. Scalable and pay-as-you grow flexibility; Sify NAS' automation policy based data migration simplifies management.

Multiple snapshots with versioning for instant recovery, file level access through NFS/CIFS shares mounting to the servers through ethernet connectivity are the other noteworthy highlights.



Features Benefits
File System support Supported with industry standard file system like CIFS / NFS with an option of provisioning from SAS / SATA drives in an assured transfer rate through Gigabit ethernet connectivity
Storage Platform Built on High Performance SAS/ FC drives & High capacity SATA II drives driven through fully redundant high performance active-active storage controllers.
Anti-Virus Data in the Network Attached Storage secured through Industry standard anti-virus software assuring a secured storage space
Intelligent File Tiering, Snapshots & Versioning Each subscribed Share can accommodate up to 16 Million files. Economical automatic policy-based data migration simplifies management; Supports multiple snapshots with versioning for instant recovery
Monitoring & Management Entire storage platform is monitored and managed by a dedicated team of storage administrators 24/7 – 365 days assuring response and resolutions as per the SLA
Performance Reporting Periodic performance and utilization reports sent to the stakeholders and instant notifications escalated in case of a threshold exceed
Sify Backup Services Customer can also subscribe NDMP backup from Network Attached Storage with multiple backup plans based on the need and compliance

Plans & Packages

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Tiers
Category Service Feature Enhanced Tier Standard Tier
Storage Specifications Performance 450 Mbps 250 Mbps
  Storage Availability Guarantee (SLA) 99.99% 99.99%
  Access Mechanism to Storage 10 Gbps FCOE / 1 Gbps iSCSI 10 Gbps FCOE / 1 Gbps iSCSI
  HBA Cards Compatibility 2x 4Gbps FC HBA's / 4x iSCSI Hardware HBA's 2x 4Gbps FC HBA's / 2x iSCSI HBA's
  File System CIFS / NFS CIFS / NFS
  Snapshots / Versioning Up to 10 Snapshots Up to 10 Snapshots
  Files Per Directory Up to 16 Million Up to 16 Million
  Anti-virus Optional Optional
  Single Name Space Yes Yes
  WORM Feature Optional Optional
  File System Audit As Required As Required
  Storage Backup Optional Optional
  Backup on Dedicated Tape Media- LTO4
(At additional fee)
Optional Optional
  Deployment scenario's Near line as well as Long Distance over WAN Link Near line as well as Long Distance over WAN Link
Minimum Storage Capacity Subscription 100 GB 100 GB
  Additional Storage Capacity Subscription 25 GB 25 GB
Data Security Fabric Zoning Yes Yes
  Fiber Channel SAN Interface Yes Yes
  IP SAN Interface Yes Yes
  Customized Security Deployment Optional Optional


Comparative - NAS v/s SAN

Identifies data by file name, transfers file data or file meta-data and handles security, user authentication, file locking Addresses data by disk block number and transfers raw disk blocks.
Protocol: TCP IP / NFS / CIFS Protocol: iSCSI / Fibre Channel
File System managed by NAS head unit File System managed by servers
Good for Graphical oriented Apps, File serving based Apps Good for OLTP App, DB Clusters, ERP App, Messaging, etc..

Backups and mirrors are done on files, not blocks, for a savings in bandwidth and time.

Backups and mirrors require a block by block copy, even if blocks are empty.

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