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SAN provides best of breed unified and integrated enterprise class storage in a tier-based performance through ISCSI / FC channel. Delivered on a pay-per-use model, SAN offers high performance, security, and availability guarantee.

Industry standard management & monitoring tools deployed to report on the utilization, growth, and performance statistics on a periodic basis, thus assuring reliability, scalability, availability of the storage environment. This results in better clarity on existing storage usage and assists in planning growth that aligns to business objectives



Features Benefits
Dual Site storage - Mumbai and Bengaluru -Ready State DR/BCP Multi-site storage service availability with integrated network capacity provides simple, reliable and cost economic data replication for DR / BCP purpose
High performance redundant platform Built on High Performance SAS/ FC drives and high capacity SATA II drives; fully redundant high performance active- storage controllers connected through fully redundant Storage Area Network
On-Demand Scalability Online logical volume expansion allows to change the size of storage volumes without restarting the application, recreating the volume, and backup and restoring data to the volume
Utilization based chargeback Sify is the first service provider in India offering utilization based chargeback matching information business criticality
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership Pricing per GB/ per month starting from 50 GB to multi- TB's; Fully managed environment helps enterprises cut capital expenditure and reduced Total Cost of Ownership
Monitoring & Management Entire storage platform monitored and managed by a dedicated team of storage administrators - 24/7 – 365 days
Stringent SLA Assures up to 99.99% service level guarantee for availability of Storage Area Network
Enhanced Performance High availability architecture at all levels – Storage Core, multi-GBPS Fibre Channel backbone

Plans & Packages

Storage Capacity is available on Per GB per month basis. It allows you to scale your storage capacity as per your business needs instantaneously, without worrying about capacity constraints, technology refresh, and management skills sets, etc.

0.63 Rupees Per GB per hour

Storage Area Network (SAN) Tiers
Category Service Feature Performance Tier Enhanced Tier Standard Tier Economy Tier
Storage Specifications Performance > 2500 IOPS > 1500 > 1000 > 500
  Storage Availability Guarantee (SLA) 99.95% 99.95% 99.95% 99.95%
  Access Mechanism to Storage (SAN Fabric) 4 / 8 Gbps FC /
10 Gbps FCOE
4 / 8 Gbps FC /
1 Gbps iSCSI
4 / 8 Gbps FC /
1 Gbps iSCSI
1 Gbps iSCSI
  HBA Cards Compatibility 2x 4Gbps FC HBA's / 2x FCoE HBA's 2x 4Gbps FC HBA's / 4x iSCSI Hardware HBA's 2x 4Gbps FC HBA's / 2x iSCSI HBA's 2x iSCSI HBA's
  Applicable Usage Environment ERP / Database / Mailing / Virtualization Solutions Database / Mailing / Virtualization / Web Farms Web Applications File / Backup / Archival Solutions
Minimum Storage Capacity Subscription 100 GB 100 GB 100 GB 100 GB
  Additional Storage Capacity Subscription 25 GB 25 GB 25 GB 25 GB
Data Security Fabric Zoning Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Fiber Channel SAN Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
  IP SAN Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Reporting / Management Online Reporting and Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Utilization Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Online Customer Support Portal Yes Yes Yes Yes
  27x7x365 Storage Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Storage Optimization and Forecasting Yes Yes Yes Yes

How it Works?

The InfinitStorage SAN service has 5 main components;

  • Host Setup
  • Storage Area Network
  • InfinitStorage Pool
  • Storage Backup Strategies
  • Storage Professional Services
  • Host Setup – The pre-engineered, high performance solution is available to store data from your diverse environment, including Windows, VMware ESX, Citrix Xen Server, UNIX flavors (HP-UX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris), Linux (Red Hat Linux) and other industry standard operating systems. Application or Database running on above Operating Systems can avail the InfinitStorage services. Sify shall recommend the compatible HBAs (Host Based Adapters) required to connect to Storage Area Network.
  • Storage Area Network – The Storage Area Network offers a fully redundant 4 Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity to the Host and Storage sub systems for high performance environment. For an affordable connectivity, a multi-Gbps iSCSI Ethernet network is offered through IP-SAN for serving customers where the very high performance is not expected. The entire Storage Area Network is pre-built with high redundancy to provide the availability 99.95% for the Storage Area Network.
  • On-Demand Storage Pool – The storage capacity will be provisioned to the users from the dynamic storage pool based on the customer subscription. Capacity can be added as well as removed, as per business demand, quickly and easily. Adequate storage security measures are undertaken by applying customized security policies, zoning, user authentication & auditing mechanisms.
  • Storage Backup Strategies – Sify offers Storage backup solution on fully managed basis. Based on the customer business need the backup policies can be chosen from the Backup plans. Sify offers multi-session backup options as well as desired retention period as needed. Backup on dedicated tape option and offsite vaulting services are offered for the organizations to retain data as per their requirement of operational or regulatory compliance.
  • Storage Professional Services – Sify Storage professional team will provide end to end solution including capacity planning, HBA installation in the host, and in-host / remote provisioning.


Comparative Analysis - Sify's InfinitStorage V/S Server Based Storage

Embedded Storage
(Sify-InfinitStorage Platform)
Server Based Storage Analysis / Customer Impact
Highly Reliable
• SAS / FC (Fiber Channel) Drive (Native Redundancy)
• Dual Controller
Reliability is a concern
• SAS or SATA drives
• Sever based processors and storage controller cards installed internally in the server. Single point of failure if storage controllers or any hardware fail.
Storage systems are nerve center for critical data storage and hence needs to offer very high level of reliability.
At times performance can be compromised, but Reliability is of supreme importance.
• Integrated architecture offers support for FC / SAS / SATA drives within the same drive shelf.
• Virtual LUNs for non-disruptive data migration within the array
• Separate controllers for SAS /SATA
• Need separate cable to attach JBODS
• Restricted continuity between IOPS.
More number of components in server based storage means more single point of failures, thus directly impacting the overall reliability
SLA Driven
InfinitStorage comes with 99.99% availability guarantee
No SLA Possible
• Warranty Mostly vendor driven
• Requires vendor coordination
InfinitStorage offers,
Single Point of Ownership
Complete Peace of Mind

Advanced technology for Superior performance and value:

• High-performance SAS/FC drives and high-capacity Serial ATA (SATA) drives
• 1 Gb/s iSCSI or 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel network connectivity for storage versatility
• FC or iSCSI connectivity

Performance is far lower since OS eats up processing / memory / RAM resources
• Support for iSCSI/ NAS over Storage Based Processors with requirement for additional storage controllers
• Limited number of storage ports (iSCSI only)

Embedded storage is built to provide storage volume and hence offers much higher performance then server based storage where Server OS consumes most system resources.

* Server based storage is seeing negative growth due to their low performance and reliability issues

Higher Cache – Over 1 GB per SP Only 8 MB Cache available within the server Higher Cache offers better performance
Number of Spindles
Adequate number of Spindles as per business application demand
No. of Spindles
Limited numbers (only 4) thus impacting business performance
Often Storage systems fails on performance when Business applications really need
Fully Managed and Monitored
• Sify manages the complete value chain – Data Center, Network, Storage Systems, as well Servers.
• Single Point of
Intensive Management Required
• Needs to manage multiple vendors, technologies, components
• No Single Point of ownership

Cost of Management
• Multi-vendor environment is difficult to manage
• Management cost is very high

Scalability and Management
• From 1 GB to 100 TB or more
• In Multiples of 10 GB both on FC / SATA
• Upscale or downscale
No Scalability possible
• Needs to buy more resources to scale
• Lead time needed to scale systems
• No option to down scale

Improves ROI through superior scalability, accelerated time-to-service and increased term flexibility

Reporting for Analysis

• Usage Reports will give complete view on utilization pattern and future projection
• E-mail Notification for Storage Issues

Reporting to be managed by customer
• Customer owns the capacity and demand projection
• Need to continually monitor systems

Sify Storage expert team consults with customer to do analysis of storage usage and help define capacity planning.

Very unique approach to storage services

Flexible Contract Term
• InfinitStorage can be taken for term ranging from 1 month onwards.
• Upgrade and downgrade is possible on monthly interval basis
One time capacity built out
• No option to downgrade the systems
• Upgrades will require new setup purchase – mostly time driven
• Minimum 24/36 months contract

Customers get full flexibility of synchronizing their storage demand - supply chain

Flexible contract term helps meet business surge for short periods

Protection against Technology Obsolescence

Sify ensures that customers get best of technology advancements at most optimized cost.

Protection against Technology Obsolescence

Customer is mostly stuck with systems until the end of contract period and after this may need to re-invest for new technology

Storage technology is changing very fast. Continual enhancement in capacity, security and performance is driving better price-performance ratio

Owned Storage v/s InfinitStorage

Owned Storage InfinitStorage
• New data types
• Many islands of storage
• Legacy systems
• Avg 2 year technology refresh
• Simple Tier plans matching data classification requirements
• Unified integrated storage
• Technology Protection
High Cost of ownership
• Low utilization of storage
• Power and cooling challenges
• Cost of management
• Requirement based subscription
• Fully managed – unified Storage
• SLA driven
Excess / shortage of capacity
• Fixed budgeting procurement
• Avg 40-50% excess capacity
• Difficulty in forecasting storage requirements
Usage based synchronized uptake
• Dynamically scale when needed
• Burst capacity to handle peaks
• In-depth forecasting analysis

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