VPDC: Virtual Private Datacenter Services on cloud

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Virtual Private Datacenter

Sify Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) framework offers choice of all the infrastructure components required to build most demanding Enterprise IT setup from single tier application architecture to highly secure three-tier architecture on pay per use model.

Virtual Private Datacenter – How it works

This revolutionary Virtual Private Datacenter (VPDC) framework provides a multi-tenanted virtualized network platform with multiple infrastructure components such as compute, storage, firewalls, routing, load balancers, SSL off-load, intrusion detection and prevention systems. A web based service delivery model offers complete control to order services, provide configuration information through dynamic forms, and track & report the service usage.

Enterprises can seamlessly design and deploy a complete set of enterprise-class data-center services and build their own isolated Virtual Data Centers (VDC) without installing, configuring, or managing any hardware.


  • Isolation & Security – Control, management & data plane
  • Vertical scalability from 1GB to 1000 GB
  • Horizontal Scalability from 1 instance to multiple instances
  • Flexibility in creating the Pod based on specific IT architecture needs
  • Leverage the VPDC for public, private and Hybrid cloud models seamlessly

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