Virtual Private Data center: Unmatched Security Covering Virtual and Physical Layers

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Virtual Private Data Center - Assure offers unmatched security and isolation by leveraging both virtual security layer as well as security and load balancing on physical layer. VPDC-Assures supports all common IT architecture from Single tier to three tier setups.

VPDC Single Tier

VPDC-Assure Single Tier – How it works

Most common web application deployments built using single tier architecture. Sify currently offers two smart choices to its customers, VPDC-Shield-Single Tier & VPDC-Assure-Single Tier. Following is the logical interpretation for the container model for tenants subscribing to this design based on various subscriptions of resources.

VPDC Two Tier

VPDC-Assure Two Tier – How it works

Traditionally deployed for web applications with a presentation tier (or DMZ) for public access and a database for private access. Following is the container model with and without Load balancers. Calls between public and private traverse the same firewall authenticated through a policy defined by the customer.

VPDC Three Tier

VPDC-Assure Three Tier – How it works

Architecture is ideal for customers hosting enterprise class applications on the cloud. Policy control separates each tier and second layer firewall provides additional security. This stringent measure helps in regulatory and governance compliance.

The second layer firewall would be a software - firewall based on VMware’s Vshield or equivalent. If customers decide for dedicated firewall appliances, second firewall could be an integration of a selected device; delivered through the HybridCloud model.

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