Sify Cloud Overview

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Sify Cloud Overview

cloudinfinit offers ready-to-use compute instances on a multi-tenant, robust, and fully scalable infrastructure to host most demanding e-Business applications in an enterprise grade, secure, highly available and self-controlled environment backed with stringent service level guarantees.


cloudinfinit infrastructure is a dynamic pool of resources, offered to multiple organizations in a secure, isolated mode. Managed by Sify’s 24x7 Cloud expert technical resource team, cloudinfinit infrastructure components is hosted in state-of-the-art level III data centers in Mumbai and Bangalore data centers. Sify's data centres located strategically in different seismic zones go beyond hosting India-centric applications, and are certified for the following industry renowned standards:
  • ISO 9001:2000 for quality processes
  • ISO 27001 for Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 20000 for Information Technology Service Management based service delivery & support
  • TIA - 942 (Telecommunications Industry Association) standard for structural design, network, cabling, etc.
  • IS 1893:1984 standard for earthquake resistant structural design of premises

Cloudinfinit services offers wide choices across Compute, Storage, Network, Security, Analytics and Protection product stack, to provide end-to-end IT infrastructure on pay-per-use basis.

  • Customizable multi-tier architecture
  • Highly scalable and resilient
  • Rapid deployment
  • Pay-per-use basis
  • Lower Total cost of ownership


Built on a secure and integrated platform with a modular architecture that allows ‘on-demand‘ hosting, customers can scale their infrastructure dynamically, on a pay-for-use model, with need-based subscriptions.



How to sign up ?

You need to create an account with us before you begin to use our CloudInfint Cloud Services. When you sign up for CloudInfinit , you can subscribe all the services of our cloud services. We charge you only for the services you consume. A real pay as you model.

To sign up for CloudInfinit

1. Goto

2. Follow the wizard provided instructions

3. Read the FAQ section

What are the things I can do ?

We offer you opportunity to test drive our several key CloudInfinit products for free.  You can reach out to our for assisting you in the test drives and proof of concepts which you want to explore on our cloud. When your free usage expires, you have the option to subscribe for the real services.

Here are the few things you can try on our cloudininit

  • Host your development & test servers on our platform
  • Run your critical web applications and static web site on a standard or high available architecture (refer VPS Standard and HA)
  • Deploy your single tier and two tier web application
  • Enjoy the 32 pre-built OS templates available for you.
  • Bring your own OS templates and configure it on our cloud.

We provide you a web based interface to manage your cloud services. The web based interface is accessible at . It provides you point and click web interface for consuming the CloudInfinit services. Log in using your CloudInfinit account user name and password. allows you to perform the following

  • InfinitStore
    •  Subscribe to CloudInfinit Services
  • My Order/My Cart
    • View the saved orders
    • View the order provisioning status
  • My Acccount
    • View your Invoices
    • Top-up your account
    • View Billing History
  • MyDasboard 
    • Start & Stop Instances
    • Configure and Manage firewall
    • Remove your Instances
    • View the Instance reports
    • View the Real time Bandwidth Reports
  • Administration
    • Tenant Admin can create additional users
    • Delegated Administration
  • Support
    • Raise Support tickets



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