VPS/VPI User Guide

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VPS/VPI User Guide

Virtual Private Instance is the basic building block of your cloud infrastructure. After your virtual private instance or VPS is provisioned on our cloud. You will get a full root/administrator access to the instance . After you login into the host, it looks traditionally like a physical host. The below section will help you to understand the steps required to see your instance on the self service portal.  To access the instance from internet , you need to enable the firewall rules


STEP 1. Goto MyDashboard

a. Login into the cloudinfinit portal (https://myservice.cloudinfinit.com/console/login.php)

b. Goto "My Dashboard" and choose your VPDC. By default when you buy a VPS your VPDC will be named as "organization-vpdc-N" (ABC is your organization name, first VPS will be created as "abc-vpdc1"). Here individu-vpdc1 is the VPDC name.Right side will  be shown with the list of virtual private data centers. Click on the VPDC.



STEP 2. Choose the Instance 


Once the VPDC is selected, the following will be shown in right pane. The right pane will list you all the instances in the public and private network tiers. If you have purchased VPS, only public network zone tier will be visible with the instances inside it. Now you need to select the Instance you like to manage.

Step 3: Self Manage your instance


The option shown below are self-explanatory.

  • View the Instance Status
  • View the Public and Private IP assigned
  • View the VPI running status
  • VIew the Info of the Virtual Private Instance
  • Start the Virtual Private Instance
  • Stop the Virtual Private Instance
  • Restart the Virtual Private Instance
  • Upgrade CPU/RAM of the Virtual Private Instance
  • Raise support ticket.


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