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About CloudInfinit

What is CloudInfinit? [ - ]

Cloudinfinit offers ready-to-use compute instances on a multi-tenant, robust, and fully scalable infrastructure to host most demanding e-Business applications in an enterprise grade, secure, highly available and self-controlled environment backed with stringent service level guarantees.

Cloudinfinit infrastructure is a dynamic pool of resources, offered to multiple organizations in a secure, isolated mode. Managed by Sify’s 24x7 Cloud expert technical resource team, cloudinfinit infrastructure components is hosted in state-of-the-art level III data centers in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Cloudinfinit services offers wide choices across Compute, Storage, Network, Security, Analytics and Protection product stack, to provide end-to-end IT infrastructure on pay-per-use basis.


How is your cloudinfinit different from your hosting services?[ - ]

 Our traditional hosting services generally provides you space and power for a fixed amount of time at a predetermined cost.  We additionally manage the (sify/customer owned) assets through our remote hands services . Normal provisioning of these services will run into weeks and months before you commission your services. Also you will be paying for what you have not consumed to the a full extent. CloudInfinit differs fundamentally in the flexibility, control and significant cost savings it offers to the large to small enterprise , developers by allowing them to build their virtual private datacenters in our highly available datacenters located at various places in India.  In terms of flexibility, when your computing or storage requirements grows unexpectedly, you can instantly fulfil those requirements by letting your IT managers to provision the resources by themselves and pay for only the provisioned resources. When the demand comes down , you can release the resources and again pay only for what is consumed. Your cloudinfrastruce are provisioned at a shorter timeframe than normal hosting services. Also it provides you a self service portal to manage your server, storage, network by yourself without any manual intervention from Sify Technical Engineers.


What products do you offer? [ - ]

CloudInfinit Solution Components

InfinitCompute: Virtual  instances and dedicated servers on Cloud with ready DR plans and private cloud options Know More

InfinitStorage : Storage (SAN and NAS) capacity from 1 GB to multiple TB across single to two sites over iSCSI, FC and FCoE Know More

InfinitNetwork:   Diverse networking capabilities for Internet/IPVPN/MPLS connectivity including router, load balance, SSL offload, GSLB, etc. Know More

InfinitSecurity : Impregnable security services such as Firewall+IPS, DDOS, SSL, VA/PT, RSA 2 Factor authentication and so on Know More

InfinitAnalytics: Extensive health monitoring across systems, OS, DB, network, including Intuitive end user experience analytics Know More

InfinitProtect: Data protection through tape backup, 2 site sync, off-site vaulting, encryption, including ready DR / synchronization


How do I sign up for cloudInfinit ? [ - ]

You can  sign-up our cloud services as a

Individual -

  • Self Registration and Subscription
  • Only Prepaid
  • Payment Option is only Credit Card/Net Banking options.  
  • Customer Care Relationship

Corporate -

  • Self Registration and Subscription
  • Post Paid options (Only for Enterprises)
  • Apart from CC/Net Banking , you can pay through cheque and DD
  • Account Manager Relationship

Executive Assisted -

  •  Registration and Subscription placement will be assisted by Account Manager/Hosting Specialist
  •  Account Manager will register you as Individual or Corporate based on his/her background verification.

Please follow the link for registration https://myservice.cloudinfinit.com/console/registration_plan.php

Can I change my registered email ID?[ - ]

This feature is not available online. You need to send an email with sufficient proofs. We recommend the corporates/smb to register with a functional email id. (example: CloudAdmin@xyz.com) instead of personal email ids.


How do I reset my portal password?[ - ]

Please try this link to reset your password yourself https://myservice.cloudinfinit.com/console/forgetpassword.php. Incase self-help doesnt provide you an result you expected then please reach to our 24x7 Service Desk http://itservices.sify.net/ioni/contactus/contactUs.html. Our service desk agent will  assist you.


My Account is locked what should I do ?[ - ]

Please contact our 24x7 Service Desk http://itservices.sify.net/ioni/contactus/contactUs.html. Our service desk agent will help you to unlock your account.  

Ordering a Cloud Service

How to order a service?[ - ]

Please read the documentation section.


What is the minimum contract period?[ - ]

Minimum contract period is one month.


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