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Sify Cloudinfinit

Amazon Web Services


Key Differentiation+

vCloud Powered Service: Seamless migration between Private workloads (on Vmware) to Public Cloud Services

India's first vCloud Powered Service.



Cloud Setup hosted in India. Fastest and least latency access within India

Yes. Mumbai & Bangalore. Coming up in Noida as well.

No. nearest site is Singapore

Yes. Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi

DR ready Cloud Infrastructure at Geographic Distant locations in India.

DC-DR Plans available on fully automated 2 site setup. Also offers DR-as-a-Service

Multi Zone data availability options, No Automated DR ready Cloud infrastructure

Two Site setup, but no DR ready cloud plans. Offers DR-as-a-Service

2 Site Store (A-sync. Storage Replication) Service in India

Storage across Mumbai and Bangalore with ready replication

No setup in India. Available in other locations.

No information on Storage replication between two Cloud sites

Ability to integrate with your owned physical infra. Allows you to Protect your investments.

Hybrid cloud with Vmware vCLOUD & HP Cloudagile integration.

Not Possible

Hybrid Cloud options available

Hardware based Firewall & load balancer context per customer

Available. Offers both Software as well Hardware based context

No - Software based

Not with Public Cloud. Only as dedicated model.

Support for Single, Two and Three tier architecture on Public Cloud with vShild and Hardware Firewall Context

Supports all three architectures with Multi-layer firewall.

Not available

Not available

Both Private (MPLS) as well as Public Network accessibility to Cloud setup

Converged network access across private / public network

No. Only internet, IPSEC over internet & Direct connect from AWS Sites to nearest POP's

Private Network with Public Cloud not available. Supported with HybriCloud

Secure access through 2 Factor / Radius / AAA authentication with LDAP / AD.

Supports RSA 2 Factor authentication on pay per use basis.


RSA or 02 factor services with Cloud Services not available

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) services


Limited Protection against DDoS attacks


Integrated Network offerings across Primary and DR Cloud setup


Does not offer Network services

Does not offer Network services. To be subscribed from other providers

Support for both Virtual and Dedicated compute capacities as part of Cloud stack


Not available

Not available with public cloud.

Ability to run your own Security compliances / Audits

Supported. Sify Cloudinfinit has been audited by leading Audit firms.

Not feasible. Not sure where and how data is stored

Not Applicable for Public Cloud

Technology Comparative+

Hypervisor Technology Deployed

Vmware. First vCloud service provider

Open stack. Xen


Tier Storage stack - Performance Storage (for OLTP/high IOPS) and Economy (for low IOPS/Backup)

Tier Storage services for all type of workloads

IOPS driven Storage Charged Separately, Bundles only Capacity Storage

SAN , NAS & Object storage options available

Geographic Load Balancing (GSLB) Cloud offering




Tape Backup Services with off-site fire Proof vaulting


Not Available

No Tape Backup or Fireproof vaulting. Only disk based backup available

Service offerings with Vmware Site Recovery Manager (Data Replication tool)

Yes. All Cloud setups at Sify are ready with Vmware SRM sync capability


Information not known

SLA & Support+

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Methodology

Services with differentiated SLA (99.5% to 99.99%) for simple to critical workloads

No SLA for single site Cloud setup. SLA's for Few Components charged separately.

Single type SLA for all services. No differentiation on workloads, criticality.

SLA for Performance Guarantee

Offers both Availability and Performance Guarantee

No SLA for performance

No SLA for performance

SLA (%age and Term)

99.5% 99.99% monthly


99.95% (monthly) (but for DC power and network only)

Service Outage Credit

Enterprise Grade SLA with clear outage credit matrix. Offers up to 100% of service credit for failure.

5% of the fees for each 30 minutes of network or data centre downtime, max 100%

Service Credits for VM's on the basis of "Data Center Network and Power availability", not on the actual cloud services

Minimum Outage Duration (in a month)

4.32 Minutes

0.432 Minutes

22 Minutes

Suit of Managed Services / Professional Support Services such as Migration assistance, OS / DB Management as Add-on


Not Available


24/7 Support

24/7 Support. InfraManage by default

(Forums, Online Resources, live Helpdesk), for $400/month

24/7 Helpdesk, but no InfraManage included by default

Plans & Associated features+

No. of vCPUs available

1/ 2/ 4/ 8/ 16/ 24 /32

1 / 2/ 4 / 8

1/ 2/ 4/ 6

Max RAM per VM

upto 64 GB RAM

upto 64.8 GB

upto 32 GB RAM

Maximum Storage Possible (depends on OS compatibility)

Up to 6 TB or more

Specifics not none

2 TB

Persistent Storage (default)




Horizontal Auto-scaling




Zimbra Email Offerings on cloud




OS & DB Options+

Support for over 40+ Operating System environment on cloud including Solaris 10.


Very limited. Support only 8-10 OS environment

Available. But limited or no templates for DB

Widest range of support for Database / application environment on Cloud

upto 64 GB RAM

Limited to simple, generic workloads

Limited to simple workloads

Security & Compliance+

Secure Remote Connect and Secure Site (IPSEC) connect services

Available on per remote user / per remote site basis

Only IPSEC offering

Spedifics not known

Hardware Appliance based IDS / IPS protection layer per customer



Optional. Requires dedicated setup

Security - VA & PT Services

Yes (Optional)


Yes (Optional)

Provide MPLS Network services




2 Factor Authentication (RSA) integrated with Cloud Stack




DDoS Protection Services




3rd party Cloud Security Audit Allowed



Not on Public Cloud setup. (only on Private Cloud)

Data Protection Services+

Backup Services (Tape and Disk Based)

Offers both Tape & Disk backup with fireproof vaulting and multi year retention

No (only snapshots)

No Tape backup or vaulting. Offers only disk backup

Remote Backup Services



Yes - Limited

Advanced Monitoring+

End-user Experience Analytics

Yes. We also offers Application performance monitoring


WebSmart Monitoring

PS: Above comparative is built using information available in public domain (as on March-2013) on provider website or basis inputs from customers / vendor partners. While Sify undertakes the accuracy of its own data, other provider offerings keep changing time to time. Thus Customers are advised to further validate the specifics and use this comparative as reference only.

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