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Sify Technologies delivers India’s first ‘vCloud Powered Service’ – Sify cloudinfinit

Sify cloudinfinit, the Enterprise grade cloud offering from Sify Technologies, becomes the ‘1st vCloud Powered Service’ offering in India. cloudinfinit offers IaaS (infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions; for enterprises of all sizes to harness the power of Cloud across Public, Private and Hybrid setup.

Sify Technologies has attained the global VMware vCloud Service Provider Program, designed for service-providers who offer On-demand cloud services built on fully compliant, interoperable, secure and proven Vmware technology. cloudinfinit, vCloud Powered Service, extends dynamic capabilities to businesses of any scale and size to leverage infinite opportunities by deploying their workloads on public / private cloud, as well as extend their in-premise virtualized infrastructure into the public cloud, while retaining complete control and security of their workloads.

Sify Technologies, an India’s leading ITC player, is persistently expanding its capabilities on Vmware platform to delivery Industry leading, cutting edge, and quality consistent solutions that meets the key demands of growing enterprises across the globe. By becoming vCloud Service Provider on Vmware platform, Sify has attained another key milestone of delivering cutting edge, future ready cloud platform and its promise of ‘Keeping you Ahead’.

vCloud Powered Introduction

Today, many IT organizations utilize VMware vSphere to virtualize their enterprise infrastructure or create private clouds. As enterprises look for ways to contain costs, many are turning to public clouds in order to reduce their IT infrastructure footprint or expand a private cloud with additional resources. Unfortunately, many public cloud offerings require customers to adopt proprietary and incompatible packaging, making it difficult, time-consuming, and expensive for customers to make the transition.

VMware vCloud Powered service offering provides public cloud services designed to work with Vmware solution, allowing enterprises to tap in resources from vCloud Service Provider platform with just a few simple clicks in an intuitive interface while preserving security and control extended by Vmware.

Sify cloudinfinit vCloud Powered Service is based on VMware technology, allowing customers an easy and smooth transition across Vmware platform. Customers can now use the tools with which they are already familiar to quickly and easily migrate their workloads into the public cloud and move them back in their environment.

cloudinfinit with VMware vCloud approach – is built using sophisticated, globally consistent automation, provisioning, management, and virtualization technologies including VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud Director, vCenter Chargeback, vCenter Orchestrator, Service Manager and VMware vShield products.

Sify cloudinfinit – vCloud Powered Service

cloudinfinit vCloud POWERED – a cloud service built on the VMware vCloud architecture allows the import and export of VM images based on the OVF format, and with full access to the vCloud API to integrate additional services, such as those that automate cloud service consumption and control.

cloudinfinit vCloud POWERED service

cloudinfinit vCloud POWERED service enables organizations of all types to employ a true hybrid cloud environment. These services are built on the same VMware technology platform and architecture on which the vast majority of enterprises have built their own virtualized datacenters. This allows IT to easily provision public cloud resources that are compatible with existing infrastructure, and quickly and securely extend their internal virtualized infrastructure into the public cloud.

cloudinfinit - infinite solutions

Sify’s cloudinfinit offers ready-to-use compute instances on a multi-tenant, robust and fully scalable infrastructure to host most demanding e-Business applications in an enterprise grade secure, highly available, and self-controlled environment backed with stringent service level guarantees. Key Service variants extended are

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud DR / BCP Service
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

By selecting cloudinfinit vCloud POWERED service, you can:

  • Extend your datacenter. Freedom to move workloads from your virtualized datacenter to a secure Sify cloudinfinit vCloud Powered service, with the flexibility to transfer them back and forth as needed. Extend the logical boundaries of your datacenter and leverage Sify cloudinfinit vCloud Powered Service, built on secure and proven VMware technologies.
  • Rapidly deploy your Applications – Deploy / Test / Develop new applications in pre-production and staging environments (Dev/Test) and new application instances deployed in a lab environment for demo purposes instantly on Sify cloudinfinit.
  • Extend broad geographic access to your users – Where business operations may be spread out over different countries or geographies and where users require close proximity to the application for performance. Confidently pool and deploy critical workloads and applications on Sify cloudinfinit; built on a comprehensive and proven security framework.
  • Scale up or down as needed – Applications where the demand for resources will vary greatly over time, so users will request adjustments to the application resources, for example, scientific computation or anything with seasonal transactions.
  • Access a broad ecosystem . Choose among a wide range of vCloud POWERED Services available to meet any use case or business need.
  • Use an interoperable service delivery model and approach that achieves the full flexibility and benefits of cloud computing within your organization while preserving control.

cloudinfinit – infinite Benefits

  • Increase business agility by self-deploying services with the click of a button
  • Maintain security over multi-tenant environments with user controls and VMware vShield
  • Reduce costs by efficiently delivering resources to internal organizations as secure virtual datacenters
  • Leverage existing investments and open standards to ensure interoperability and application portability between in-premise virtualized setups and public clouds

benefits of cloud computing

Why ‘vCloud Powered Service’?

Sify cloudinfinit, vCloud Powered Service, delivers unmatched capability, control, security and interoperability on its cloud solutions, vis-à-vis to any other public cloud service provider offerings. Key differentiations are:

Business agility

Procure new, ready-to-use IT infrastructure on demand. Scale up and down according to business need and allow self-service provisioning for end users.

Application portability

Traditional public cloud offerings require customers to invest significant amount of resources to rewrite applications because they must run on closed technology and infrastructure. In contrast, vCloud Powered Service provides a more compatible model for virtual datacenter management and security that allows complete application portability across private and public clouds.

Auditable security

Built to predefined specifications and based on secure VMware cloud infrastructure technology, vCloud Powered Service provides multilevel, auditable security through SAS70 Type II and ISO 27001 compliance. vCloud Powered Service also delivers virtualization-aware firewall capabilities, Layer 2 isolation, role-based access control and the ability to integrate with LDAP / Active Directory.

Freedom of choice

Because all vCloud Powered Service offerings are built on the same compatible VMware technology, they provide the interoperability and portability that enterprises need to deploy applications across private and public clouds, and to move workloads from cloud to cloud as needed.

Flexible service levels

Unlike the “one size fits all” approach taken by other public cloud vendors, vCloud Powered Service allows for multiple service levels and models, including “pay-as you-go,” to rapidly scale up and down cloud usage, “committed” for guaranteed resources pools, and “dedicated” for complete isolation of all resources.


Unlike most public cloud offerings that require customers to delegate all security and control measures to external parties, vCloud Powered Service gives IT organizations the best of both worlds: the ability to stay in complete control while enabling a self-service provisioning model for end users. Using role-based access control in Sify cloudinfinit, user activity logs and the vCloud API, IT organizations can manage cloud infrastructure more easily and calibrate multiple levels of service and access for all users.

vmware powerd

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